technicaltests Orlandi Group develops high performance and state-of-the-art cooling solutions. With the aim to supply OEM leaders we opened our internal Test Center with Wind Tunnel, machinery for testing cyclical fatigue resistance and burst of our products.
We perform corrosion and vibration stress testing and we operate with the same performance and CFD/FEA software as the leaders in the field to guarantee a high level analysis and project development.
Our wind tunnel is certified to University standards and meet the automotive industry requirements. We test all circuits (air, water, oil) for radiators with core dimensions up to 1000x1000mm. We look towards continuous improvement and we have set up a modern laboratory for testing our designs and new solutions, keeping active collaboration with local Universities technical staff, to improve the quality of our products.
We have the full engineering capability to study a new cooling solution starting from the analysis of engine and application data.
We can also offer a certified replica cooler of the one currently used.